How can I be sure I will be safe?

Indier has many different processes to ensure the safety of those involved in Indier adventures. Indier has a comprehensive risk plan and the below is a three part management strategy.

We believe that to avoid risk you must first identify it and manage it.

The second technique is ensuring first aid equipment and evacuation protocols are always on hand and up to date. Comprehensive well stocked first aid kits are carried at all times including during transportation. Indier guides are certified with current minimum First Aid, Wilderness EMT, Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness Advanced First Aid certificates.

Indier third way to manage safety is to have a clear line to advanced care. All emergency procedures start with care at local government’s hospitals. All the public hospitals that Indier trusts for handling emergencies are fully equipped with advanced medical equipment. If necessary Indier also has an evacuation plan to advanced levels of care by way of transport to more advanced medical centers. Commercial flights are available to airlift to more advanced medical centers if necessary. Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities have state of the art medical facilities and are capable of meeting advanced medical care needs. Indier pays serious attention to what we can do to minimize risk.

What is the instructor to student ratio?

Indier operates safe and professional ratios depending on the activity; for non-technical activities such as hiking, we follow ratios of 1 guide to 10 students. For more technical activities such as rock climbing the ratio is kept at 1 guide to 5 students. *This ratio may also include teachers

How many students can Indier accommodate?

Indier operates groups as low as 15 and as high as 180 (though we prefer to work with groups of less than 100 in one location but will make exceptions for new schools). Typically larger school groups will be separated into smaller sub-groups for half-day rotation of activities. The sub-group size normally ranges from 15-20.

Does Indier offer subject and curriculum specific programs?

Yes, we have experience and expertise in building subject specific trips such as geography, cultural exposer, science, business, and arts & crafts etc.

Does Indier arrange corporate packages?

Indier offers outdoor corporate events and community service events. The same team of qualified, friendly, professional staff can design a customized program to bring the people of your business closer together. We offer a range of themed programs and activities for:

  • Team Building Days
  • Conferences
  • Staff Conventions
  • Social Functions
  • Product Launches

Please contact us for further information and we can design a program to suit your needs and fulfill your goals.