Whether it’s for your Bronze, Silver or Gold; Indier offers a safe and supportive environment that encourages students to use and grow their unique talents, teaching them independence in stunning natural environments. We provide market leading IA programs at multiple world class locations in various provinces of China, such as in areas of wild Great Wall, Mongolian grasslands and rugged southern coastlines. (Link to programs sites page)

We believe that a well run adventurous journey lies at the core of the outdoor education programs that we run at Indier. The purpose of the adventurous journey is to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery whilst undertaking a journey in a group. The journey is undertaken in a small team in an unfamiliar environment requiring determination, physical effort, perseverance and cooperation to complete. When hiking, candidates are required to navigate their way through trails, carry all their own equipment, set up camp and plan and provide their own food.

IA program training skills include:

  • Understanding of the Adventurous journey
  • First Aid and emergency procedures
  • Necessary equipment and how to use it
  • Route planning and navigation
  • Camp craft/accommodation, including food preparation and cooking
  • Team building and leadership training
  • Skills in the mode of travel
  • Environmental awareness

Extensive planning and quality implementation sets our Award programs apart from the rest, allowing us to provide trips that are tailored to meet the goals of your students and school.

Duke of Edinburgh International Award
Duke of Edinburgh International Award
Duke of Edinburgh International Award
Duke of Edinburgh International Award