At Indier we highly value direct experience. Although we believe traditional education is valuable, we aim to make our educational style supplement the abstract knowledge students learn in the classroom by allowing them to experience the world around them in unique and exciting ways. Indier uses the experiential learning model as the foundation for its adventure education curriculum. The Association for Experiential Education (AEE) describes experiential education as "a process through which a learner constructs knowledge, skills and values, from direct experiences". Outdoor education programming is all about teaching people how to apply their own experiences to life's challenges and at Indier this experiential education process is implemented throughout all of our programs.

In experiential education, learners are guided through carefully chosen activities after which participants are debriefed and encouraged to reflect on their experiences. This learning process teaches students responsibility and strengthens decision making skills. As outdoor educators we believe growth can best be fostered in our students by putting them out of their comfort zones and into unknown but controlled environments. Through this type of learning we aim to help our students develop an enlightened perspective on the world. This goal can best be achieved when groups are led in a caring and safe manner.

We make learning fun, interactive and meaningful!

Indier is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of our students which will help in living a productive and self-reliant lifestyle. We work to improve seven critical life skills:

  • Decision making
  • Conflict resolution
  • Proper communication
  • Accepting differences
  • Leadership
  • Proper coping techniques
  • Personal responsibility


Our field operation assessments meet of the leading wilderness safety organizations minimum standards. We provide risk assessments annually for each program site covering all aspects of our operation-we will gladly provide these to schools upon request.

Our team of professionally trained and experienced staff is dedicated to looking after you and your group; each of our instructors is at a minimum First Aid certified with many of our staff being Wilderness First Responders.


Our travel and logistics coordinators are experienced at planning, organizing, and traveling economically throughout China. Indier is constantly improving their programs to the highest level of professionalism and value for the clients need.


Our various adventure activities and creative teambuilding exercises offer students a chance to be both physically and mentally challenged in our outdoor classroom environments.

At Indier students are often taken out of their comfort zones as they experience new outdoor adventures, environments, and games, at the conclusion the program, students often remark about the growth they experienced.


Our four-step booking process makes getting ready for your program as hassle-free as possible! We will provide you with promotional materials for your school to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Our customer support team is responsible for the smooth operation and organization of your course booking, From initial inquiry and planning, all the way through program completion, our staff offer you any guidance and support you may need.

We also provide an opportunity for teachers or group leaders to preview our program sites upon request; for more details, please contact your Educational Program Advisor at